SPR-063: Genuine Parts – EP cassette
SPR-062: BT’s – Bustin’ Out LP
SPR-061: Pleasers – Leading Me On 7″
SPR-060: The Intelligence – Vintage Future cassette

SPR-059: Slick – S/T cassette
SPR-058: Courtney and the Crushers – Mountainous cassette
SPR-057: Wet Blankets – Rise of Wet Blankets LP

SPR-056: Pookie and the Poodlez – Young Adult cassette/LP/digital
SPR-055: The Younger Lovers – Sugar in My Pocket cassingle
SPR-054: Outtacontroller – Television Zombie LP
SPR-053: Cumstain – I’m Not Mean/Rock and Roll Don’t Pay My Bills cassingle
SPR-052: The Sandwitches – You Only Get What You Want, Baby 7″
SPR-051: Matthew Melton – Too Many Hearts Lack Lovers 7″
SPR-050: Warm Soda – Renegade Mode 7″
SPR-049: Pleasers – Reject Teen 7″
SPR-048: The Hussy – Galore LP
SPR-047: Matthew Melton – Outside of Paradise LP

SPR-046: The Hussy – Weed Seizure/Pagan Hiss cassette
SPR-045: The Hussy – Cement Tomb Mind Control LP
SPR-044: Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs – Gates of Hell LP
SPR-043: Advlts – 7″ EP
SPR-042: The Hussy/Digital Leather – Split LP
SPR-041: The Younger Lovers – Sugar in My Pocket LP
SPR-040: Pruno Truman – Drunk with Friends cassette
SPR-039: Teenanger – Singles Don’t $ell LP
SPR-038: The Ketamines – You Can’t Serve Two Masters LP
SPR-037: The Jons – In the Hole and Out of the Water LP
SPR-036: OBNOX – Three Times Dope 7″ EP
SPR-035: Cy Barkley and The Way Outsiders – Mutability LP
SPR-034: The Hussy – Pagan Hiss LP
SPR-033: Paper Dragons – Die To Please LP
SPR-032: Bare Wires – Idle Dreams LP
SPR-031: Warm Soda – Reaction 7″
SPR-030: Digital Leather – Yes, Please. Thank You cassette
SPR-029: Young Guv and The Scuzz – A Love Too Strong 12″ EP
SPR-028: Outer Minds – S/T LP
SPR-027: Ketamines – Spaced Out LP
SPR-026: Pamela 7″
SPR-025: Younger Lovers 7″
SPR-024: Useless Eaters – C’est Bon LP
SPR-023: Bare Wires – Cheap Perfume 10″
SPR-022: Nectarine Pie – Dreamdaze 7″
SPR-021: Splinters – Carcass 7″
SPR-020: Estrogen Highs 7″
SPR-019: Moby Dicks – Spiders 7″
SPR-018: Snake Flower 2 – Memory Castle 7″
SPR-017: Ty Segall – Live in Aisle 5 LP
SPR-016: Myelin Sheaths – Get On Your Nerves LP/CD/digital
SPR-015: Bummer High – Self Titled – cassette
SPR-014: Ben Rayner and The Pricks – Self Titled – cassette
SPR-013: Matt K. Shrugg – Gone Ashtray – cassette
SPR-012: The Sandwitches – Makes Me Sick 7″
SPR-011: The Splinters – Blood On My Hands 7″
SPR-010: Shannon and the Clams – Paddy’s Birthday 7″
SPR-009: Matthew Melton – Still Misunderstood LP
SPR-008: Young Governor – Bedtime Stories/The Cutter 7″
SPR-007: Young Governor – Mix Tape Vol.1- cassette
SPR-006: Bare Wires – Young Love/Keep Your Cool 7″
SPR-005: Snake Flower 2 – Renegae Daydream – cassette/digital
SPR-004: The Sandwitches – Back To The Sea/Beatle Screams 7″
SPR-003: Bare Wires – Artificial Clouds – cassette/digital
SPR-002: Young Prisms / Worldwide Computer God – split cassette
SPR-001: Dead Ghosts – cassette